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A ring

Pubblicato il 27/02/2018

About an hike

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To have a mind, cause instead the person will be declared dead when brain's death comes even before heart's collapse.

Keep in mind the mind.

Keep in mind what makes you going on when heart rues.

Keep in mind that you have a head.

Everything for a part, allow yourself the heart, but build walls around the mind, get your skin dirty and thanks to that, your blood and who makes it flow.

You must be grateful to strength for what you're facing. You must not be grateful to a cold's annihilated urethra.

Your brain whispers to you "Once again".

Do you know the pain?

Do you know the terror of give up, to not have a red cent, a mind that falls?

The seriousness that not makes you breathe. And against all, you climb up, a lash of wind brings back you to yourself through the pass. You see the green delicacy of Swiss, the fields.

Is it seriousness in Italian's blood? Education. Sour cliffs against mild slopes in woods pierced by the sun. Is all in the mind?

Breathe, live.

Is it with confirmation that you will fix yourself?

Are we so stupid that we live our life with an ancient doubt about the astonishment?

A lake that sparkles.

Maybe it will blow.

Company helps climb summits.

Maybe it will help in life.

I see France and i smile.

My Heart is full.

When everything seems harder, breath peace.

There is peace before the storm but also after that amount of water. A figure of speech. Wrong, unknown, we live in preconception, everything is before and we forgot our strength while my skin become darker, my armory is there.

You can wait for her, admire her and at last don't give a shit about her.

If the rain teaches you that even her have need of explosions, who are you to exempt yourself?

Express yourself.

You want to stop, collapse, but you aren't fragmented and so you keep going and the hail catch you, constant. Pieces of wood shelter you and i think that those pieces will be your home tonight. Learn not to hesitate, you have legs.

Moments that you ruminated about “How am i going back to Italy?” go fuck yourself.

You will came back and it's right in front of your eyes.

Do you need other words?

I had going on counting days left and now that everything comes to an end, what i will count more?

Now, what landmark will be in front of me, what rise, what sweat, what glance?

Get it over and live.

For real.

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